Tumours of the stomach

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Neoplasia of the stomach in uncommon in the dog, accounting for <1% of all tumours. Most stomach tumours are malignant, and adenocarcinoma represents the majority of cases. This chapter looks at aetiology and predispositions; tumour behaviour; presentation and clinical signs; clinical signs; clinical approach; management; prognosis.

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15.20 Ultrasound image showing markedly thickened gastric mucosa and loss of the typical mucosal layer due to lymphoma in a 10-year-old Labrador Retriever. (Courtesy of P Mantis)
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15.21 Endoscopic view of a gastric mass shown by biopsy to be a plasmacytoma. (Reproduced from ) Endoscopic view of a gastric adenocarcinoma. (Courtesy of E Hall)
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