Tumours of the small intestines

image of Tumours of the small intestines
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Most intestinal tumours in small animals are malignant, with adenocarcinoma being most in the dog, and lymphoma most common in the cat. This chapter covers presentation and clinical signs; clinical approach; management; prognosis.

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15.23 Laparotomy in a cat with what was found to be metastatic adenocarcinoma spreading to the spleen, liver and local lymph nodes. Following resection of the intestinal mass and splenectomy, the cat survived another 14 months with no other treatment.
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15.24 Resection and anastomosis of an adenocarcinoma in the mid intestine of a cat. The mesenteric vessels are ligated. The resection is complete. Anastomosis is initiated by placing the mesenteric and antimesenteric sutures. Note the Doyen forceps in place – often these are too large for smaller animals, and an assistant’s clamped fingers work better. Resected specimen. Note that the margin of grossly normal tissue on the left is considered barely sufficient (1.5 cm).
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