House soiling by cats

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The deposition of urine or faeces in inappropriate locations is the most common behavioural problem for which cat owners seek professional advice. This chapter reviews evaluation of the patient, marking, inappropriate toileting, follow-up.

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11.2 Diagnostic algorithm for periuria.
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11.3 These empty plastic tubs leaning up against the wall where the household cat routinely sprays allow the cat to continue to spray without damaging the home.
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11.5 This litterbox ‘cafeteria’ offers several different litter options for cats to select their preferred substrate for elimination.
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11.6 The owner has set up a two-choice option in which every parameter is the same except the litter. The cat has chosen the litter in the box on the left and the owner will retain this litter option and then test it against other litters and other box parameters in future weeks.
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11.7 The ultimate litterbox for most cats: large, clean, and with clay-based clumping litter.
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