An approach to diseases of the nasal planum and footpads

image of An approach to diseases of the nasal planum and footpads
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Diseases of the nasal planum and footpads in cats and dogs range from benign disorders to severe, life-threatening conditions. Changes in the architecture of the skin in these regions can, in the early stages, be very subtle. Close observation and knowledge of specific differential diagnoses of diseases of these specialized areas of skin can be very useful as the treatment and prognosis vary with the disease entity. The chapter considers the following: Differential diagnosis; and Clinical approach.

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14.2 Familial footpad hyperkeratosis in an Akita. Note the severe horny growths coming from the digital pads. This dog’s littermate was also affected.
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14.3 Nasal hyperkeratosis in two Labrador Retrievers. Note also the ulceration.
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14.4 Pemphigus foliaceus causing moderate to severe hyperkeratosis of the footpads.
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14.5 Crusting and hyperkeratosis of the footpads of a dog with superficial necrolytic dermatitis.
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14.6 Severe ulceration and necrosis with depigmentation of the nasal planum in a dog with vasculitis. The nasal planum following treatment.
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14.7 Mucocutaneous pyoderma. (Courtesy of P Forsythe)
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14.8 Vitiligo causing depigmentation of the nasal planum and rostral muzzle in a chocolate Labrador Retriever.
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14.10 Eosinophilic granuloma on the footpad of a cat causing destruction of the underlying tissue.
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14.11 Feline herpesvirus dermatitis. (Courtesy of H Jackson)
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14.12 Mosquito bite hypersensitivity. Note the papulocrusting and ulcerative dermatitis on the nasal planum.
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14.13 Plasma cell pododermatitis. Note the swollen metacarpal footpads with overlying white striae. (Courtesy of T Rae)

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