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Dogs and cats presented for the investigation and treatment of skin disease can show a variety of clinical signs. The investigation into the cause of the dermatosis can be planned using a problem-solving approach based on the signs present at examination. The cutaneous signs include pruritus, erythema, papules, pustules, alopecia, crusts, scales, erosions, ulcerations, nodules and pigment changes. One or more of these signs may be present and the balance of clinical features, along with the signalment and history, allows the dermatologist to create a list of differential diagnoses and diagnostic tests, and/or to prescribe treatment. The chapter looks at: Gross lesions and Histological changes.

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4.4 Perivascular dermatitis (the ‘dermatitis reaction’).
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4.5 Superficial perivascular dermatitis.
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4.6 Interface dermatitis.
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4.7 Vasculitis.
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4.8 Nodular and/or diffuse dermatitis.
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4.9 Intraepidermal vesicular/pustular dermatitis.
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4.10 Subepidermal vesicular/pustular dermatitis.
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4.11 Folliculitis/perifolliculitis/furunculosis.
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4.12 Panniculitis.
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4.13 Atrophic dermatopathy.

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