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This chapter provides the need-to-know information on lizards:

  • Biology
  • Husbandry
  • Handling and restraint
  • Diagnostic approach
  • Common conditions
  • Supportive care
  • Anaesthesia and analgesia
  • Common surgical procedures
  • Euthanasia
  • Drug formulary.

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Image of 15.2
15.2 Male water dragon demonstrating bright coloration and crest.
Image of 15.3
15.3 Leopard gecko after tail autotomy.
Image of 15.4
15.4 Bearded dragons. The female is on the left; the male is on the right.
Image of 15.6
15.6 Suitable vivarium for an arboreal lizard. Drawn by S.J. Elmhurst BA Hons (www.livingart.org.uk) and reproduced with her permission.
Image of 15.7
15.7 Ornate Nile monitor bathing in an outside enclosure.
Image of 15.8
15.8 Handling a juvenile green iguana. (Reproduced from the .)
Image of 15.9
15.9 Positioning for a horizontal beam radiograph in a bearded dragon.
Image of 15.10
15.10 Endoscopic examination of a bearded dragon.
Image of 15.12
15.12 anamorph of (yellow fungus disease) in a juvenile bearded dragon.
Image of 15.13
15.13 Snake mites on the eyelid of a bearded dragon.
Image of 15.14
15.14 Severe periodontal disease in a bearded dragon.
Image of 15.15
15.15 Transillumination of a healthy leopard gecko.
Image of 15.16
15.16 Leopard gecko suffering from severe nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism.
Image of 15.17
15.17 Swollen tarsal joint in a veiled chameleon suffering from articular gout.
Image of 15.18
15.18 Intracoelomic fluids being administered in a Chinese water dragon.
Image of 15.19
15.19 Leopard gecko being anaesthetized in a ziplock bag containing 5% isoflurane in oxygen.
Image of 15.20
15.20 Salpingectomy of a veiled chameleon. Note the flank incision.
Image of 15.21
15.21 Castration of a sexually mature green iguana.
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