Freshwater ornamental fish

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This chapter provides the need-to-know information on freshwater ornamental fish:

  • Biology
  • Husbandry
  • Handling and restraint
  • Diagnostic approach
  • Common conditions
  • Supportive care
  • Anaesthesia and analgesia
  • Common surgical procedures
  • Euthanasia
  • Drug formulary.

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Image of 19.1
19.1 Fish commonly seen in practice: goldfish (); koi (); betta ().
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19.2 Pond netting may deter predators.
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19.3 Example components of a life-support system for an ornamental fish pond: skimmer with submersible pump; bead filter system; external pump.
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19.5 Capture techniques of koi: netting the fish; using a round net prior to transfer of the koi to a bowl. the koi is transferred to a bowl using a sock net.
Image of 19.7
19.7 Corneal damage can be shown using fluorescein dye.
Image of 19.8
19.8 This koi (kohaku) has a coelomic mass, which was investigated using radiography. Lateral view. Dorsoventral view.
Image of 19.9
19.9 Venepuncture in a koi, lateral approach.
Image of 19.10
19.10 A skin scrape performed on the ventral surface of a koi.
Image of 19.12
19.12 Typical gill lesions associated with koi herpesvirus infection.
Image of 19.13
19.13 ‘Dropsy’ in a koi.
Image of 19.14
19.14 Septicaemia in a goldfish.
Image of 19.15
19.15 Cutaneous ulcer in a koi.
Image of 19.16
19.16 Severe head and lateral line erosion in an oscar ().
Image of 19.17
19.17 Intramuscular and intracoelomic injection sites. (Reproduced from )
Image of 19.18
19.18 Assessing the severity of a heron injury in a koi.
Image of 19.19
19.19 Surgical removal of a mass from a bristlenose plecostomus ( spp.).
Image of 19.20
19.20 Traumatic eye injury. Enucleation. Immediate postoperative appearance. Two weeks after operation.
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