General care and management of the cat

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This chapter is designed to give information on; the history of the cat and its association with humans; how a client should select a suitable cat; recognition of different breeds of domestic cat; basic genetics, including coat colours and patterns; general care and everyday management; routine veterinary care; basic nutrition; breeding from cats; and basic understanding or normal behavioural characteristics. Routine veterinary attention includes: vaccination, control of internal and external parasites, neutering, pet identification (tattooing, microchip implantation).

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3.3 A litter of pedigree kittens (Tiffanies) will often have homes arranged even before their birth. (© Alan Robinson.)
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3.4 An adolescent cat at a rescue centre waits for a home.
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3.6 Odd-eyed white Persian. Seal point Birman. Brown marbled Bengal. (© Alan Robinson.)
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3.7 Brown tabby and white Maine Coon. (© Alan Robinson.)
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3.10 Tabby patterns. Usual Abyssinian (ticked) tabby pattern. Blotched (classic) tabby pattern in a silver tabby British Shorthair. Mackerel (spotted) tabby pattern in an Oriental Blue spotted tabby. The stripes tend to break into spots; this feature is sought after in pedigree cats. (© Alan Robinson.)
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3.13 Tortoiseshell tabby and white Domestic Shorthair. Note the tabby markings on the black areas in addition to the ginger. (© Alan Robinson.)
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3.14 Tortie-tabby Devon Rex. (© Alan Robinson.)
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3.15 The colour series gene. Oriental Black. Chocolate Burmese. The influence of the Burmese gene modifies the brown gene from all-over brown to brown only at the points. Blue-point Siamese. The influence of the Siamese gene modifies the colour genes so that they are only developed at the points. (© Alan Robinson.)
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3.16 Auburn Turkish Van. (© Alan Robinson.)
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3.17 Cat carrier.
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3.19 Cats enjoy outdoor access.
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3.21 Preparing a cat for castration.
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3.22 Wound site after a flank spay.
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3.23 Microchip and implanter.
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3.24 UK pet passport.
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