Birds: biology and husbandry

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This chapter covers common species of birds seen in veterinary practice, their anatomy and physiology, dietary and housing requirements, and common behavioural issues. Includes self-assessment questions.

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3.2 Psittaciformes. African or Congo grey parrot. Timneh grey. Blue-fronted Amazon. Double yellow-headed Amazon. Budgerigar. Yellow-sided caique. Cockatiel. Lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo. Galah or roseate cockatoo. Sun conure. Maroon-bellied conure. Grande eclectus. Blue and gold macaw. Greenwing macaw. Quaker or monk parakeets. Blue-headed pionus. White-capped pionus.
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3.3 Passeriformes. Canaries. Zebra finches.
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3.4 Falconiformes. Gyr falcon. Kestrel. Peregrine falcon. Goshawk. Sparrowhawk. Harris’ hawk. Bald eagle. Golden eagle.
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3.5 Strigiformes. Barn owl. European eagle owl. Tawny owl.
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3.6 Anseriformes. Indian runner duck (left) and female mallard (right). Muscovy duck. Hawaiian/nene goose. Toulouse goose. Black swan. Mute swan.
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3.7 Galliformes. Male frizzle bantam. Buff laced frizzle. Blue silkie bantam. Female buff silkie. Female buff Sussex bantam. Male speckled Sussex. Male blue laced Wyandotte. Female golden laced Wyandotte.
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3.10 Endoscopic view of the syrinx.
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3.11 Endoscopic view of the lung and ostia.
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3.12 Ventrodorsal thorax and abdomen, illustrating the position of organs. H, heart; Li, liver; L, lung; K, kidney.
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3.13 Endoscopic view of the liver.
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3.14 Endoscopic view of the kidney.
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3.15 Endoscopic view of the testes.
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3.16 Endoscopic view of the ovary.
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3.17 Positive radiographic image of the lateral skull.
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3.18 The structure of the wing. 1, humerus; 2, ulna; 3, radius; 4, major metacarpal; 5, alula; 6, digits.
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3.19 The structure of the leg. 1, femur; 2, tibiotarsus; 3, tarsometatarsus.
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3.20 Chickens exhibit several modifications of the skin. 1, comb; 2, wattle; 3, spurs.
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3.21 Male Australian king parrot. Female Australian king parrot.
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3.22 Male and female red-sided eclectus.


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