Mammals: biology and husbandry

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This chapter is designed to provide information on species and breeds of exotic pet mammals and native wild mammals in the United Kingdom. It covers their natural history and normal behaviour, basic anatomy and biology, and dietary and housing requirements. Includes self-assessment questions.

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2.1 Flemish giant rabbit; Netherland dwarf rabbit; tortoiseshell Dutch rabbit; dwarf lop rabbit. (Courtesy of Alistair Lawrie)
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2.3 Diagrammatic representation of the rabbit’s digestive system. Caecotrophs are re-ingested to maximize the use of nutrients. (Reproduced from the ). Drawn by S.J. Elmhurst BA Hons (www.livingart.org.uk) and reproduced with her permission.
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2.6 Entire male rabbit. Castrated male rabbit. Female rabbit genitalia.
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2.7 An indoor rabbit set-up. A hide area, tunnels for bolt holes, a hay rack and a litter tray have been provided. As large an area as possible should be provided, to allow the rabbit to exercise fully.
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2.8 Syrian hamster. Roborovski dwarf hamster.
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2.11 Male and female rat genitalia.
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2.12 A male hamster with testicular bulges (arrowed).
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2.13 Typical hamster housing, with access door open.
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2.14 English guinea pig; Abyssinian guinea pig; Peruvian guinea pig.
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2.15 A degu. (Reproduced from the )
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2.18 Male and female guinea pig genitalia.
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2.19 Male and female chinchilla genitalia.
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2.20 Indoor guinea pig housing.
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2.23 A Siberian chipmunk in an outdoor aviary-like enclosure.
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2.25 Swollen vulva of a female ferret (jill) in oestrus.
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2.27 Typical outdoor ferret housing.
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2.28 A striped skunk.
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2.31 A juvenile raccoon being hand-reared on milk formula. An adult raccoon anaesthetized for castration. (Courtesy of Jo Hedley)
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2.34 An African pygmy hedgehog.
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2.37 A slender-tailed meerkat. (Courtesy of Alistair Lawrie)
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2.40 Male meerkat, showing prepuce and scrotal sac.
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2.41 A sugar glider. An anaesthetized sugar glider, showing the extent of the patagium.
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2.44 A Bennett’s wallaby.
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2.47 A common marmoset. (Courtesy of Alistair Lawrie)
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2.50 A red fox.
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2.53 A badger cub.
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2.56 A Eurasian otter cub.
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2.59 A European hedgehog.


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