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Dehydration is a loss of body water/solutes from the body is a common finding in feline practice. This chapter looks at clinical assessment, diagnostic approach and management of dehydration.

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Image of 5.11.2
5.11.2 Skin tenting in the ‘scruff’ region of a dehydrated cat.
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5.11.3 A slightly sunkeneyed appearance in a cat that had been receiving large doses of diuretic and was assessed as approximately 8% dehydrated.
Image of 5.11.4
5.11.4 Clinical approach to the dehydrated cat.
Image of 5.11.5
5.11.5 Management of the dehydrated cat.
Image of 5.11.6
5.11.6 A cat receiving fluid therapy with a syringe driver to ensure an accurate administration rate.

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