Systemic, haematological and circulatory disorders

image of Systemic, haematological and circulatory disorders
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There are a wide variety of infectious agents that can cause systemic disease in poultry. A typical clinical presentation is a weak and collapsed bird, and systemic diseases are important conditions to rule out. This chapter describes the aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases, as well as miscellaneous systemic conditions.

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Image of 21.2
21.2 Typical gross post-mortem appearance of the liver in a chicken affected with inclusion body hepatitis.
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21.3 Ulcerative duodenitis in the intestine of a quail viewed during the post-mortem examination.
Image of 21.4
21.4 Microscopic image of red mites () from a chicken coop.
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21.5 Endocardiosis identified during the post-mortem examination of a chicken.
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21.6 External appearance of a chick with omphalitis.
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21.7 The post-mortem examination revealed that the yolk sac was discoloured, inflamed and had a foul odour.
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