Conditions of the anus, perineum and tail

image of Conditions of the anus, perineum and tail
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Common presenting signs, history, physical examination, common disorders of the anus and disorders of the tail.

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30.3 A variety of secretions from anal sacs: from dogs without anal sac disease; from dogs with anal sacculitis. In (h) the secretion appears grossly normal but the sac was inflamed and painful. In (i) and (j) the presence of blood is highly suggestive of inflammation.
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30.4 A 5-year-old male neutered cross-breed dog with recurrent anal sac impaction, prepared for anal sacculectomy. The dog has been placed in sternal recumbency with its tail elevated and tied. A probe has been inserted into the right anal sac, to demonstrate the position of the opening.
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30.5 This 9-year-old neutered Labrador Retriever bitch presented with a history of tenesmus and haematochezia, passing fresh blood from the anus. A rectal polyp was palpable via a rectal examination. The patient has been anaesthetized to allow exteriorization of the polyp, which may be seen as a small, strawberry-like lesion.
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30.6 Rectal pull-through procedure in a 10-year-old male neutered cross-breed dog with a circumferential mass within the rectal wall. A circumferential incision has been made around the anal ring, and the rectum has been drawn caudally through the anal ring, exteriorizing the mass. The mass was then excised and the rectal mucosa sutured to the anal ring, thus recreating the rectal stoma. In this case, the mass was found to be a leiomyoma. The patient went on to survive for a further 18 months before being euthanased for an unrelated problem.
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30.7 A perianal adenoma on the dorsal anal ring of a 10-year-old entire male Border Terrier. The mass was debulked at surgery and the dog was castrated. The adenoma regressed completely and no recurrence was seen.
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30.8 Anal fistula in a 6-year-old male neutered German Shepherd Dog. The condition cleared up completely after a dietary change.
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