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This chapter consists of a series of flow charts providing approaches to common conditions in the rabbit, including respiratory distress, shock/collapse, myiasis, head tilt, anorexia, diarrhoea, abdominal disease and ataxia.

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22.1 An approach to the rabbit in respiratory distress.
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22.2 An approach to shock and/or collapse in the rabbit. Rabbits are usually presented in decompensatory/progressive shock rather than the initial compensatory stage seen in some other species. It is difficult in rabbits to distinguish cardiogenic from hypovolaemic shock, other than more rapid deterioration; unless a primary myocardial dysfunction is known (e.g. from ECG information) or strongly suspected, assume and treat as hypovolaemic shock. Impedance of the circulation by an intrinsic or extrinsic obstruction, pulmonary embolism, dissecting aneurysm, and pericardial tamponade all result in obstructive shock.
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22.3 An approach to fly strike (myiasis) in the rabbit.
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22.4 An approach to head tilt in the rabbit. PECA/LBO = partial ear canal ablation/lateral bulla osteotomy; TECA = total ear canal ablation (see )
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22.5 An approach to evaluating of anorexia in the rabbit. Please see Chapter 12 for further details.
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22.6 An approach to acute and chronic diarrhoea in the rabbit.
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22.7 An approach to the rabbit with a ‘sticky bottom’.
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22.8 An approach to determining whether a rabbit has a medical or surgical acute abdominal condition. Please see Chapter 12 for further details of digestive system emergencies. If a surgical condition is suspected or diagnosed, see the for further details.
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22.9 An approach to clinical evaluation of the rabbit with ataxia. Please see Chapter 15 for differential diagnoses and details of investigation.
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22.10 Algorithm for diagnostic and therapeutic approach to urine scalding.
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