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An understanding of the reproduction and breeding of rabbits is important for veterinarians to support their clients and develop a rabbit-friendly practice. This chapter helps to provide an understanding of modern rabbit breeder practices and rabbit genetics.

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Image of 4.1
4.1 Normal male genitalia. Note the scrotal sacs lying cranial to the penis, and the close proximity of the anus. Inguinal glands can be seen adjacent to the anopreputial junction. Drawn by S.J. Elmhurst BA Hons (www.livingart.org.uk) and printed with her permission.
Image of 4.2
4.2 Diagram of the lateral view of the reproductive tract of the buck. The purple line indicates the seminal vesicle wall which is attached to the vesicular gland, prostate, paraprostate and proprostate glands. B = bulbourethral gland; C = colon; CE = cauda epididymis; D = deferent duct; E = epididymal fat pad; I = inguinal gland; P = penis; Pa = paraprostate gland; Pel = pelvis; Prep = prepuce; Pro = prostate; T = testis; U = ureter; UB = urinary bladder; Ur = urethra; V = vesicular gland. Drawn by S.J. Elmhurst BA Hons (www.livingart.org.uk) and printed with her permission.
Image of 4.3
4.3 Normal female urogenital tract removed and displayed during post-mortem examination.
Image of 4.4
4.4 Three dead newborn Havana kits. Top = oversized; middle = small; bottom = underdeveloped or died . (Courtesy of Amanda O’Gorman)
Image of 4.5
4.5 This dead newborn kit shows ‘peanut’ and ‘Max Factor’ deformities. (Courtesy of Amanda O’Gorman)
Image of 4.6
4.6 A dead newborn ascitic kit. (Courtesy of Amanda O’Gorman)
Image of 4.9
4.9 A French Lop doe lifting her back end and tail, showing that she is receptive to mating. (Courtesy of P Batey)
Image of 4.10
4.10 Mating in a pair of French Lops. (Courtesy of P Batey)
Image of 4.11
4.11 A healthy litter of French Lop kits at 12 days old, which are well grown and still happily settled in the nest. (Courtesy of H Elliott)
Image of 4.12
4.12 Sexing a female at 4 weeks old. (Courtesy of Y Bradley)
Image of 4.13
4.13 Sexing a male at 4 weeks old. (Courtesy of Y Bradley)
Image of 4.14
4.14 Hypospadias in a 5-month-old Dwarf Lop.
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