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Transfusion medicine has become an essential part of modern small animal veterinary practice. Knowledge and practice of appropriate blood collection, processing, storage and administration methods are essential for ensuring the safety of the donor and recipient, as well as maximizing the use of limited clinical resources.

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14.1 Feline blood typing using an immunochromatography cartridge (DME VET A+B, Alvedia, Lyon, France). The presence of a control (C) line indicates that results are valid; the presence of lines at A, B, and both A and B correspond to the blood type of each cat. (Courtesy of M Seth)
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14.5 Example of a commercially available closed collection system with multiple connecting bags allowing processing of whole blood and storage as packed red blood cells and plasma.
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14.6 Example of a feline (or small-volume) closed collection system. An 18 G apheresis needle has been sterilely docked to a 75 ml pediatric transfer pack containing citrate-phosphate-dextrose-adenine.
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14.7 Blood donation with the donor dog in lateral recumbency, using a closed collection system.
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14.10 Vacuum chamber with an empty collection bag in place. Suction is applied to the chamber, facilitating rapid blood collection. The entire apparatus is placed on a scale during donation so that the volume of blood collected can be monitored.
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14.13 Blood component processing.
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14.14 A unit of fresh frozen plasma showing the ‘waist’ created by freezing with a rubber band in place.
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14.15 A neonatal syringe set with 150 μm filter used for administration of small volumes of red blood cells.
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