Reproductive and paediatric emergencies

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Reproductive emergencies are a common presentation in small animal practice. Diseases of the reproductive tract in males and non-pregnant females often carry a favourable prognosis if treated appropriately. Neonatal disease often carries a much poorer prognosis; however, timely veterinary intervention coupled with knowledge of the differing physiological requirements of neonatal puppies and kittens is often enough to ensure survival.

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Image of 15.1
15.1 Paraphimosis in an English Bulldog. (Courtesy of RA Goggs)
Image of 15.2
15.2 Priapism in a Weimaraner. (Courtesy of RA Goggs)
Image of 15.3
15.3 Aspiration of blood to treat priapism. (Courtesy of S Cortellini)
Image of 15.4
15.4 Ultrasound image demonstrating multiple, irregular fluid-filled structures (abscesses) within the prostate gland.
Image of 15.5
15.5 Urethral prolapse. (Courtesy of M Tivers)
Image of 15.6
15.6 Ultrasound image demonstrating ‘classical’ appearance of fluid-filled uterine horns in pyometra.
Image of 15.8
15.8 Vaginal hyperplasia in a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. (Courtesy of M Tivers)
Image of 15.11
15.11 Uterine prolapse in a cat.
Image of 15.13
15.13 Placement of an intravenous catheter in a puppy.
Image of 15.14
15.14 Intraosseous catheter (22 G hypodermic needle) placed in the femur of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

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