Dermatological emergencies

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Dermatological conditions in small animals are most often chronic problems that do not require emergency care. Some acute problems, although not life-threatening, may be alarming to the owner. Other rare conditions, which may not appear severe initially, can eventually prove to be fatal to the animal. This chapter describes a selection of acute dermatological conditions, emphasizing those that may have serious consequences for the animal’s health.

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Image of 18.1
18.1 Briard puppy with swollen eyelids, nose and pinnae due to juvenile cellulitis.
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18.3 (a) A Pyrenean Mountain Dog with severe pyotraumatic dermatitis involving the neck. (b) This dog presented with fever and was treated with cefalexin.
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18.5 Dalmatian with urticaria showing multiple erythematous wheals.
Image of 18.7
18.7 Target lesions in a dog with erythema multiforme. The causative drug was not identified because the dog had received multiple drug therapy.
Image of 18.9
18.9 Ulcerative lesions of toxic epidermal necrolysis due to a trimethroprim/sulfadiazine reaction.
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18.10 Pinna of a dog with multiple ulcerations due to vasculitis.
Image of 18.12
18.12 Erythema and crusts due to an irritant contact dermatitis.
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18.13 (a) Depigmentation of the nasal planum, perinasal and periocular erosions and erythema. (b) Repigmentation of the nasal planum and leucotrichia after 4 months of therapy with azathioprine and prednisolone.
Image of 18.14
18.14 Avulsed skin in a cat with acquired skin fragility.
Image of 18.15
18.15 A dog with a full-thickness necrosis of the axilla due to an improperly grounded surgical unit.
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