Renal and urinary tract emergencies

image of Renal and urinary tract emergencies
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The renal and urinary tract system is vital for the maintenance of electrolyte, acid–base and fluid balance. Possible causes of renal or urinary tract dysfunction range from toxin ingestion to trauma to feline lower urinary tract disease. This chapter addresses common renal and urinary tract emergencies and the approach to their management.

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8.4 Retraction of the prepuce of a male cat to aid placement of a urethral catheter
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8.5 A closed urine collection system.
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8.15 A dog undergoing intermittent haemodialysis.
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8.16 Lateral abdominal radiograph demonstrating many ureteral calculi in a cat. Note the decreased size of the left kidney and the presence of renoliths suggestive of chronic kidney disease.
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