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This chapter is aimed at providing some basic information on a variety of avian species commonly presented in clinical practice. This information will encourage the general practice veterinary surgeon to approach and deal with these species with confidence.

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1.1 Blue and Gold Macaw.
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1.3 Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. Palm Cockatoo.
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1.4 Sun Conures mating.
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1.5 Crimson-bellied Conure. Painted Conure.
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1.6 Yellow-bibbed Lory.
Image of 1.7
1.7 Pair of Eclectus Parrots (male on the right).
Image of 1.9
1.9 Male Australian King Parrot (blue mutation). Male Turquoise Parrot.
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1.10 Male Malabar Parakeet.
Image of 1.11
1.11 Common Hill Mynah.
Image of 1.12
1.12 Black-throated Finch. Tri-coloured Munia. Female Painted Finch. Male Orange Bishop Weaver in nuptial plumage.
Image of 1.14
1.14 Harris’ Hawk. (© John Chitty)
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1.16 Peregrine Falcon. The female (left) is larger than the male. Lanner Falcon. Saker Falcon. Merlin. (© John Chitty)
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1.18 African Fish Eagle.
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1.19 Eurasian Eagle Owl. (© John Chitty)
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