Acute vomiting

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Vomiting is a reflex, facilitated by a sequence of programmed, overlapping events coordinated centrally in the brainstem, which reduce the risks of adverse consequences whilst achieving elimination of noxious substances. Vomiting comprises ‘prodromal’, ‘retching’ and ‘expulsion’ phases. This chapter provides information on signalment and history, physical examination and diagnostic tests.

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14.3 A ‘praying’ stance can be an indicator of cranial abdominal pain. (Reproduced from the )
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14.4 Raising the front legs during abdominal palpation can make it easier to identify cranial abdominal organs. Drawn by S.J. Elmhurst BA Hons (www.livingart.org.uk) and reproduced with her permission.
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14.5 Approximate location of abdominal organs and associated pain on abdominal palpation in dogs and cats. (a) Left side. (b) Right side.
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14.6 Algorithm to guide clinical decision making in cases of acute vomiting in dogs and cats.
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