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The detection and diagnosis of viral diseases in fish is best performed by specialist laboratories with facilities for the isolation of aquatic viruses. Most viruses are detected in tissue cultures and identified by serological and molecular procedures. This chapter evaluates spring viraemia of carp, herpesvirus diseases, lymphocystis as well as other viral diseases.

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Image of Figure 24.1
Figure 24.1 A juvenile common carp infected with spring viraemia of carp virus. There are extensive haemorrhages in the skin and slight abdominal enlargement. (Courtesy of Peter Dixon.)
Image of Figure 24.2
Figure 24.2 Carp pox on the dorsal fin of a koi. The smooth milky-white lesions of epidermal hyperplasia resemble drops of candle wax. (Reproduced with the permission of .)
Image of Figure 24.3
Figure 24.3 Gill of a koi with pathogenic koi herpesvirus infection. Only mild pathological changes are visible with excess mucus and secondary bacterial infection. (© W.H. Wildgoose.)
Image of Figure 24.4
Figure 24.4 Gill of a koi with pathogenic koi herpesvirus infection. Extensive tissue necrosis and secondary disease are also present. (© W.H. Wildgoose.)
Image of Figure 24.5
Figure 24.5 Histological changes in the gill of a koi with pathogenic herpesvirus infection. Some epithelial cells exhibit enlarged nuclei with marginated chromatin (arrowed). Giemsa stain, ×400 original magnification. (Courtesy of Keith Way.)
Image of Figure 24.6
Figure 24.6 Artificially coloured glassfish with lymphocystis disease. The white nodules on the fins represent clusters of hypertrophied cells. (Courtesy of Peter Burgess.)
Image of Figure 24.7
Figure 24.7 Histological section of lymphocystis lesion in a butterflyfish. Grossly hypertrophied cells (arrowed) have a thick hyaline capsule and an enlarged nucleus. H&E stain, ×20 original magnification.
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