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Giving clients and their families a positive euthanasia experience is essential for all veterinary practices and veterinary professionals. Getting the euthanasia process wrong may impact a practice’s reputation but getting it right will lead to the bond between client and practice being stronger than ever. This chapter considers the decision to euthanize, the bereavement process, psychological responses to grief, client support, how to give your client a positive euthanasia experience, post-mortem examinations, how to assist grieving clients, supporting bonded animals, supporting veterinary professionals and training.

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8.1 An example of an adapted quality-of-life scoring system. (Courtesy of Sarah Ramsden)
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8.3 Veterinary practices should provide clients with information on the pet bereavement support services available to them.
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8.6 An example of a bereavement room.
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8.7 An example of a bereavement pack.
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