Nutrients and the skin

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A proper balance of nutrients is essential for a healthy status and proper function of the skin. In this chapter, important nutrients for the skin are discussed along with the potential clinical consequences of deficiency. In addition, metabolic diseases leading to skin disorders are addressed.

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31.1 Zinc-responsive dermatosis: syndrome I. Severe crusting and hyperkeratosis of (a) the muzzle and the periocular areas, and (b) the ear pinna. (Courtesy of Francesco Albanese)
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31.2 Zinc-responsive dermatosis: syndrome I. Close up of the periocular hyperkeratotic region of a young Siberian Husky.
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31.4 Superficial necrolytic dermatitis. (a) Severe crusting and ulceration symmetrically distributed on the muzzle. Close up of the (b) perioral area. (c) Periocular area and (d) footpads. (Courtesy of Francesco Albanese)
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31.5 Gross appearance of the liver of a dog with superficial necrolytic dermatitis. Note the presence of widespread nodules of various sizes. (Courtesy of Francesco Albanese)
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31.6 Multiple xanthomas on the pads of a cat. (Courtesy of Michela DeLucia)

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