fSession 1: Orthopaedics


Oral presentations given during the BSAVA Abstract sessions 24-26 May 2021. Quantification of bone mineral density on computed tomography (CT) of the humeral condyle in Labradors with medial coronoid process disease; Computed tomographic evaluation of the non-lame French Bulldog elbow; Locking compression plate fixation of feline acetabular fractures: application, complications and long-term; A survey of orthopaedic conditions in small animal veterinary referral practice in the UK; Mechanical behaviour of the Robert-Jones Bandage under axial compression; Correlation between the insertion side of a transcondylar screw for the surgical management of humeral intracondylar fissures in dogs and the incidence of postoperative surgical site infection; Pancarpal arthrodesis and antebrachial deformity correction using 3d printed osteotomy and reduction guides and a customized titanium plate in a Toy Breed dog.

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