Management and critical care of the neonate

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Neonatology is the branch of medicine that deals with the care, development and diseases of newborn infants. This chapter considers biology and development; critical care of the neonate; preventive strategies for neonatal health.

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15.10 Principles of tube feeding. The tube is used to measure the distance from the tip of the nose to the last rib. A mark is made on the tube at three-quarters of the length measured in (a), indicated here by the red tape. With the puppy upright on the table or in the hand, the tube is gently fed into the mouth. Most puppies and kittens will swallow the feeding tube. Check for negative pressure when drawing back on the plunger of the syringe.
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15.11 Correct placement of a jugular catheter in a newborn puppy. The catheter can be taped carefully to the fur using cloth tape. Care must be taken not to block the airways by keeping the neck somewhat stretched.
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15.12 Correct placement and fixation of an intraosseous catheter in a femur of a neonate. It is of the utmost importance that sterile techniques are used and that the bone is not punctured more than once. Fixation of the catheter is achieved by attaching tape to the top of the catheter and suturing the tape to the skin. Drawn by S.J. Elmhurst BA Hons (www.livingart.org.uk) and reproduced with her permission.
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