An approach to pustules and crusting papules

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Papules are small solid elevations of the skin. Papules are usually erythematous owing to the infiltration of inflammatory cells. Occasionally neoplastic or depositional diseases such as calcinosis cutis can present as a papular eruption. Papules can be follicular or non-follicular; the location of the papule determines the diseases that should be considered. In the identification of the disease responsible for the papular eruption, it is important to know whether pruritus is present or not. Most dogs with papules and pustules are pruritic at the time of presentation, so it is important to know whether the pruritus preceded the eruption or not. Pustules are small skin elevations filled with pus. Pustules start as papules and then develop epidermal collarettes. Pustules are transient and may not be visible in all cases. The chapter considers the following: Differential diagnosis; and Clinical approach.

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7.1 Papules. Pustules.
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7.3 Diagnostic approach to a papular/pustular eruption.

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