Triage and emergency nursing

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This chapter is designed to give information on how to set up and run an emergency room/treatment area, including planning for emergencies; evaluation of the emergency patient (triage; primary survey; major body systems assessment), immediate treatment of life-threatening emergencies, and nursing and monitoring the emergency patient.

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7.1 A well stocked mobile crash trolley.
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7.4 Steps to be followed when presented with an emergency patient.
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7.8 Dog with nasal oxygen prongs in place.
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7.10 Patient with nasal cannula in place.
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7.11 Humidifier.
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7.12 Pulse quality.
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7.13 Mucous membrane colour chart.
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7.14 Assessing capillary refill time.
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7.16 Strapping a patient with a spinal injury to a tabletop trolley helps to keep the patient immobile.
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7.18 Example of monitoring chart.
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