Gastrointestinal disorders

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Gastrointestinal disorders in backyard poultry are incredibly common and the most common aetiology is poor husbandry. This chapter covers conditions of the oral cavity, crop, oesophagus, and proventriculus and ventriculus. Endoparasites, conditions of the intestinal tract causing diarrhoea and related systemic diseases are described in depth. Consideration is also given to the inappetent bird and veterinary public health.

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Image of 16.1
16.1 A 5-year-old Maran hen with the dry form of fowlpox.
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16.2 A 2-year-old hen with sour crop.
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16.3 An ex-battery hen undergoing surgery for an impacted crop.
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16.4 in a backyard chicken.
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16.5 worms in the caeca of a 6-month-old turkey.
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16.6 Occlusion of the gut in a red grouse with tapeworms.
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16.7 ‘Hobnail’ liver lesions caused by (‘blackhead’).
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16.8 A depressed 6-week-old pullet with coccidiosis.
Image of 16.9
16.9 The blood filled caeca of a 4-week-old Hubbard chicken with coccidiosis.
Image of 16.10
16.10 A 2-week-old Bronze turkey with coccidiosis.
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16.11 Petechial haemorrhages in the jejunum of a 4-week-old chicken.
Image of 16.12
16.12 A coccidial oocyst at X40 magnification.
Image of 16.13
16.13 An ex-battery hen with oral canker.
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16.14 An 8-week-old pheasant with infestation.
Image of 16.15
16.15 A normal caramel-like caecal dropping.
Image of 16.16
16.16 A normal dropping with a white urate cap.
Image of 16.18
16.18 The necrotic small intestine and undigested wheat in a 3-week-old Ross chicken with necrotic enteritis.
Image of 16.19
16.19 The haemorrhagic small intestine of an 8-week-old turkey poult with haemorrhagic enteritis.
Image of 16.20
16.20 Frothy yellow droppings caused by rotavirus infection.
Image of 16.21
16.21 The necrotic mucosa of a 6-week-old ducking with duck viral enteritis.
Image of 16.22
16.22 Swollen tendons in a 6-week-old backyard chicken with reovirus.
Image of 16.23
16.23 Caseous caecal cores caused by Arizona infection.
Image of 16.24
16.24 The emaciated septicaemic carcass of a 4-year-old backyard hen with fowl typhoid. Note the inflamed liver.
Image of 16.25
16.25 The enlarged congested yolk sac in a 4-day-old chick with yolk sac infection.
Image of 16.26
16.26 The bile-stained intestinal contents of a 2-year-old turkey that presented with green diarrhoea due to chlamydiosis.
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16.27 Proventricular haemorrhage caused by Newcastle disease.
Image of 16.28
16.28 Intestinal lymphoma in a 6-month-old Maran hen.
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