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Vomiting and regurgitating bird

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The gastrointestinal tract is commonly involved in many avian diseases, and vomiting and/or regurgitation is a common presentation. This chapter provides information to facilitate rapid definitive diagnosis, effective treatment protocol and supportive care, which will often result in successful case resolution of vomiting or regurgitating patients. : Regurgitating/vomiting Umbrella Cockatoo; Blue and Gold Macaw with zinc toxicosis; Budgerigars with .

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27.1 Matted feathers with food debris that has been regurgitated or vomited by a Budgerigar.
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27.3 Travel is stressful for many birds and may result in the patient regurgitating ingested food.
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27.4 The avian patient may regurgitate/vomit during recovery from a surgical procedure in which general anaesthesia was performed, even if properly fasted.
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27.5 Young birds, such as this African Grey Parrot, are very susceptible to polyomavirus if exposed. One of the first clinical signs associated with polyomavirus in birds of this age is crop stasis or regurgitation. Note: the pictured chick is healthy.
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27.6 Amazon parrots with lead toxicosis will develop gastrointestinal disease including haematuria, diarrhoea and regurgitation/vomiting.
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27.7 Zinc wire typical of cages used to house birds both as pets and in an aviary setting. Coins removed from a goose that was regurgitating due to zinc toxicosis associated with the metallic objects.
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27.8 A strong magnet glued to the opening of a red rubber catheter can be used to remove metallic foreign bodies from the crop, ventriculus and proventriculus.
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27.9 Submandibular abscess in an African Grey Parrot can stimulate vomiting/regurgitation.
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27.10 Unregulated bird toy manufacture results in material being used that can lead to ingested foreign bodies that cause gastrointestinal obstruction.
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