Principles of marketing

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Marketing is not just about promotion, brochures, advertising and special offers. This chapter explore the theory of marketing; marketing strategy and the SCORPIO model; organization – processes and culture; positioning and branding; segmentation and targeting; retention strategies; offers and promotions.

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25.1 The 4 Ps of the marketing mix.
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25.2 The SCORPIO model of market strategy ( ).
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25.3 The 7S McKinsey Model. The interdependency of the seven elements means that a change in one of them can affect all the others. Placing ‘Shared values’ in the middle of the model emphasizes that these values are central to the development of all the other critical elements. The company’s structure, strategy, systems, style, staff and skills all stem from why the organization was originally created, and what it stands for. The original vision of the company was formed from the values of the Principal. If the values change, so do all the other elements.
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25.4 The commodity slide (after Fifield). Differentiated services that are branded can be highly priced. Commodity products or services that are not branded tend to be low priced. Where clients cannot see any added value or differences between the products or services offered by different practices, they may make a choice just on price.
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25.5 Hanging on to the flagpole: the stronger the brand ‘glue’ that holds clients to the flagpole, the more loyal they will be. If there is no brand ‘glue’, customer drift will be a reality. Drawn by S.J. Elmhurst BA Hons (www.livingart.org.uk) and reproduced with her permission.
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25.6 A consistent brand image can include extensive and prominent use of the practice logo and colours, and can be extended to staff clothing.
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25.7 The product life cycle.
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25.8 The Ansoff matrix: a model to help businesses decide on their product and market growth strategy.
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25.9 This graph illustrates an increase in dental procedures following a marketing promotion.
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25.10 Examples of targeted mailings. All material sent out to clients should be branded with the practice logo and should be of suitable quality to complement the image of the practice. (Courtesy of Crown Vets)
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25.11 An example of a practice website homepage. (Courtesy of aimweb.co.uk)
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25.13 An example of a blog posting.
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25.14 Webforms on the practice website can be used to gather client details for specific purposes, such as newsletter sign-up.
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