Surgical treatment of adrenocortical disease

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Post-gonadectomy adrenal hyperplasia and/or neoplasia with overproduction of sex hormones have been recognized in a number of laboratory species. This chapter explores the presenting signs, diagnostic procedures, relevant anatomy and surgical landmarks. It goes on to consider adrenalectomy and prognosis. : Adrenalectomy.

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20.3 Grossly normal-appearing left adrenal gland in the cadaver of a 3-year-old rabbit.
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20.4 Anatomy of the normal rabbit adrenal glands. Position of the adrenal glands in the abdominal cavity, and anatomical relationship with other organs. The silhouette of the right adrenal gland is a projection, since it is dorsal to the cranial vena cava. L = liver; LK = left kidney; RK = right kidney; Sp = spleen; St = stomach. Kidneys and adrenal glands, ventral view. The right adrenal gland is located dorsal to the caudal vena cava (arrow). A = aorta; CVC = caudal vena cava; LA = left adrenal gland; LK = left kidney; RK = right kidney; 1 = right renal artery; 2 = right renal vein; 3 = left renal artery; 4 = left renal vein. Blood supply of the adrenal glands after removal of the caudal vena cava, ventral view. LA = left adrenal gland; RA = right adrenal gland; 1 = right renal artery; 3 = left renal artery; 5 = right cranial adrenal artery; 6 = right caudal adrenal artery; 7 = left cranial adrenal artery; 8 = left caudal adrenal artery. (Reproduced with permission from , plate 7; arrows and labels modified by by Vittorio Capello)
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20.5 Surgical appearance of abnormal adrenal glands in four rabbits. Reprinted with permission: © Elsevier; © Vittorio Capello; © Paolo Selleri.
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20.6 Appearance of the right vena cava and placement of haemostatic clips after debulking of the abnormal adrenal gland pictured in Figure 20.5a . (Reprinted with permission from © Elsevier)
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