fPreventive healthcare: a life-stage approach

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Canine consultations can be divided into two main groups: ‘Routine’ health checks of generally healthy dogs, and consultations for dogs with injuries, illness or undergoing an important procedure such as surgery. This chapter discusses pregnancy and pre-whelping health checks, post-parturition and neonatal health checks, pre-sale examination, puppy health checks, juvenile/adolescent health checks, routine health checks for adult dogs, routine health checks for senior dogs, end-of-life examinations, general clinical examination, vaccination and common parasites. : Head-to-tail general examination.

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3.6 An example of a certificate of pre-sale examination for a puppy.
3.8 An example of a puppy guide written for owners.
3.9 This Jack Russell Terrier puppy had a severe flea infestation with resultant severe anaemia. (© Susan Paterson)
3.10 This 3-year-old terrier is having a microchip inserted.
3.12 Obtaining an accurate measurement of bodyweight is an important part of the clinical examination.
3.17 A short time spent trying to reassure and relax the patient is not wasted, and may actually save time later in the examination.
3.19 Common ectoparasites of dogs. See also Chapters 27 and 29. (Illustrations © Susan Paterson)


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