Canine health and nutrition

This module will take you 3 to 6 hours, although a lot is core knowledge so should have been covered in your course. Therefore, if you know the material then the work should not take too long.

Information sources

(for sources on husbandry, behaviour and breeds see other modules) 

Manual of canine practice Chapter 3 Preventative care

WSAVA Guidelines for the vaccination of dogs and cats

Blue Cross advice on worming

Manual of canine practice Chapter 4 Nutrition

Watch this lecture Nutrition: are BOAS breeds different? Speaker: Nicola Ackerman

Read this to give you a ‘taste of the future’! Nutrition: a tasty treat from Companion

You may also be interested in purchasing our new online BSAVA Guide to Nutrition

Suggested work

(1) Read the relevant chapters, article and listen to the lecture. 

(2) Read this JSAP paper and write down your reflections on why this paper is important – but also on the limitations of applying this study when giving an owner advice. 

(3) Write short notes on feeding senior dogs. You may wish to consider this Abstract.

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