Birds: handling, husbandry and health

This module will take you 2 to 4 hours. The guide to species is probably essential reading for most students and there is a fun task at the end.

Information sources

Guide to species (essential reading for most students!)

Manual of Avian Practice Chapter 1


Manual of Avian Practice Chapter 3


Manual of Avian Practice Chapter 5


Manual of Avian Practice Chapter 6

There are few non-commercial sources of information but Lafeber is recommended – there is a large ‘home learning' section and some webinars: https://lafeber.com/pet-birds/

Handling birds

R(D)SVS Birds handling collection

There are a number of good avian videos available from AnimalWonders Montana on YouTube, of which this one is the most important:

How to handle a large or aggressive parrot

(there are several other videos from this pet shop which may be worth a look)

Suggested work

(1) Read the chapters and watch the suggested videos.

(2) Consider the risks of a family with young children owning a small aviary with a collection of canaries, budgerigars and finches. How would you advise these risks are mitigated?

(3) For a bit of fun try this quiz to see which bird is best suited to you. Then reflect on the quiz. Is it appropriate for members of the public? Do you trust the results? Is this a website you would recommend to a member of the public who approached you looking for advice on which species of bird might suit them best?

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