Reptiles: handling, husbandry and health

Many conditions seen in reptiles are directly related to deficiencies in basic husbandry. The aim of this module is to provide a practical guide on the commonly seen species and advice on the captive maintenance of reptiles in general. There are few non-commercial sources for advice on reptiles and much of the information is species-specific.

Information sources


Reptile Manual Chapter 2


Reptile Manual Chapter 3


R(D)SVS Reptile handling collection

How to hold and restrain a tortoise

How to restrain a lizard

How to transport a snake

How to handle and restrain a snake

Suggested work

(1) Read the chapters suggested and watch the videos.

(2) Currently there is some debate on how big a vivarium should be for a corn snake. What advice would you offer the owners of a 10 year old corn snake whose vivarium is the same length as the snake (1.4 metres) and is 40 cm wide and high? The cost of a new vivarium is about £400 and space is limited.

(3) Consider the risks of a family with young children owning a reptile collection of four snakes (various species), an iguana and a couple of tortoises. How would you advise these risks are mitigated?

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